Friday, January 2, 2009

excoriation (exposing the quick)

Morality. I am familiar with the hollow concepts, but I am a stranger to the living beast. I deduce, sense, and intuit that none of the codes are acceptable and all of the foundations are contrived. The flag bearers are hypocrites all. Kierkegaard was right. Abraham is a hero, not a murderer. Nietzsche was also right. Morality cannot be codified, because the condition of being human cannot be codified. This is why Jesus taught in parables instead of grocery lists. But if morality is fiercely personal, I am empty. I have a confession: I do not know right from wrong. I have a primal sense and an intuition about love that have been my guides thus far. I am not dissatisfied, but I do not have answers. Respect, compassion, and love I feel. But right and wrong are fairy tales that I have never believed in. Am I corrupt? Am I a slave to my worldly wants? Am I freed by transcending them or by embracing and reincorporating them? An answer must exist. An answer must be found. Or perhaps culled, conjured, and crafted?

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