Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eros as Sexual Anarchism

anarchism—non-centralized social organization by virtue of free association of individuals instead of by compulsion

While our sexuality has been subject to complex ecosystems of governance that function through microeconomies of power that are most highly condensed when intersecting within institutions such as the state and the church/synagogue/mosque—and in its condensation as it flows to and from those other "institutions" such as the family and medicine—eros would be something else.  In promulgating eros, I seek not the reconfiguration of institutional controls but instead a sort of fecund sexual anarchism.  

Eros seeks not to include yet one more group within the dysfunctional morass of the heteronormal domestic model.  Instead it seeks to make this standard model unfamiliar, strange, and undesirable.  It seeks to shed this model like dead skin.  In lieu of this model it seeks: not any single thing.  To render the standard model defunct by virtue of making it alien, archaic, barbaric to our sensibilities will open up the ground of possibility for eros: as of yet unknown practices of bodily intimacy that are permeated as much by an unreason created/permitted anew as by a nonce reason that makes use of organizational principles and conceptual structures but which takes nothing for granted as natural, necessary, primary, foundational, or essential.