Sunday, August 17, 2008

the fourth step... an accumulation: retaining the epiphany

Even a glimpse is enough to know that anything that was, is, or ever will be worth anything is at stake:

In the beginning was a series of realizations. Each realization interrelated, as all things are interrelated. Next comes holding tight to those realizations; not letting them slip away like last night’s dreams. Epiphanies are pure and clear moments and easily become muddied by a distracted mind.

“Whatever has been learnt, contemplated and meditated upon
By those whose minds lack alertness,
Just like water in a leaking vase,
Will not be retained in their memory.”


True revelations are profound and disturbing. As such, next comes a coming to terms with and acceptance of the truth of this new awareness – the summary landscape painted by the series of realizations.

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